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Education Fellowship Program


Since 2002, the American Australian Association has awarded fellowships to Australians and Americans for advanced research and study in the United States and Australia respectively. To date, US$5million in fellowships has been awarded to more than 200 scholars.

For more information on the Education Fund including applications, deadlines and judges, visit the AAA Inc website.

Australia to US Fellowships


American Australian Association

Australia to US Fellowships

The Association offers Fellowships of up to US$40,000 to Australian researchers wishing to undertake advanced research (graduate or postgraduate) in the U.S.

Fields of research supported by the Fellowships:

- Business

- Engineering

- Geosciences

- Mathematics

- Medicine

- Neurology

- Pediatrics

- Science

- Sustainability

- Technology

General Requirements:

- Applicant's research or study must be at graduate or postgraduate level.

- Acceptance into a U.S. educational institution.

- Australian citizenship or permanent resident of Australia.

Further Information: www.americanaustralian.org/australian_to_usa_apps/

Please send enquiries and applications to: jhelum.bagchi@aaanyc.org


The Association is pleased to announce 2015 Fellowships awarded by: 


Amgen Fellowship

Area of specialization: Biology, Biopharmaceuticals


Bechtel Fellowship

Area of specialization: Mathematics and Science


Chevron Fellowship

Area of specialization: Geosciences


ConocoPhillips Fellowship

Area of specialization: Environmental Studies


The Dow Chemical Company Fellowship
Area of specialization: Conservation, Sustainability, Materials Technology


The Folkestone Fellowship

Area of specialization: Business, Economics and related topics focussed on emerging markets


Merck Company Foundation Fellowship
Area of specialization: Chemistry, Pharmacology


 Morgan Stanley Pediatrics Fellowship

 Area of specialization: Pediatrics


Northrop Grumman

Area of specialization : Technology, Cybersecurity


Qantas Airline Fellowship


University of Queensland Fellowship

Area of specialization: University of Queensland students


Westfield Fellowship

Area of specialization: Sustainable Development