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Education Fellowship Program


Since 2002, the American Australian Association has awarded fellowships to Australians and Americans for advanced research and study in the United States and Australia respectively. To date, US$4million in fellowships has been awarded to more than 190 scholars.

For more information on the Education Fund including applications, deadlines and judges, visit the AAA Inc website.

Australia to US Fellowships


American Australian Association

Australia to US Fellowships

The Association offers Fellowships of up to US$40,000 to Australian researchers wishing to undertake advanced research (graduate or postgraduate) in the U.S.

Fields of research supported by the Fellowships:

- Business

- Engineering

- Geosciences

- Mathematics

- Medicine

- Neurology

- Pediatrics

- Science

- Sustainability

- Technology

General Requirements:

- Applicant's research or study must be at graduate or postgraduate level.

- Acceptance into a U.S. educational institution.

- Australian citizenship or permanent resident of Australia.

Applications Closed: April 15th

Further Information: www.americanaustralian.org/australian_to_usa_apps/

Please send enquiries and applications to: jhelum.bagchi@aaanyc.org


The Association is pleased to announce 2015 Fellowships awarded by: 


Amgen Fellowship

Area of specialization: Biology, Biopharmaceuticals


Bechtel Fellowship

Area of specialization: Mathematics and Science


Chevron Fellowship

Area of specialization: Geosciences


ConocoPhillips Fellowship

Area of specialization: Environmental Studies


The Dow Chemical Company Fellowship
Area of specialization: Conservation, Sustainability, Materials Technology


The Folkestone Fellowship

Area of specialization: Business, Economics and related topics focussed on emerging markets


Merck Company Foundation Fellowship
Area of specialization: Chemistry, Pharmacology


 Morgan Stanley Pediatrics Fellowship

 Area of specialization: Pediatrics


Northrop Grumman

Area of specialization : Technology, Cybersecurity


Qantas Airline Fellowship


University of Queensland Fellowship

Area of specialization: University of Queensland students


Westfield Fellowship

Area of specialization: Sustainable Development


AusART Fellowship 2014

AusArt Fellowship for the Fine Arts

Up to $30,000 -  2015 applications closed on 30 April

The American Friends of the National Gallery of Australia Inc., in conjunction with the American Australian Association, is offering a scholarship for an Australian graduate or post graduate student of the Fine Arts or Curatorial Studies wishing to further their studies in the United States. Students working on visual arts are particularly encouraged to apply.

The AusArt Fellowship is for up to US$30,000 a year.

Applications for the AusArt Fellowship closed on April 30th. Guidelines and application form are available at - http://www.americanaustralian.org/education/AusArt/


Study Level: Research/study must be at the graduate or post graduate level.

US Enrollment: Acceptance into a US educational institution for full time study.

Citizenship: Australian citizen or permanent resident of Australia.

Budget: Budget for the research/study period must be for a maximum of US$30,000. The Fellowships are intended to support part of the costs of 1 year of research/study in the US.

Essays: Please submit 3 Essays or a portfolio of your recent work. Further details are available in the application form.

For questions regarding your application and for submission, please contact Jhelum Bagchi at jhelum.bagchi@aaanyc.org

APPLY online.

Click here for online application instructions.

AAA - APSA Congressional Fellowship 2015- CLOSED

APSA Congressional Fellowship.jpg

American Australian Association
APSA Congressional Fellowship

The American Australian Association is pleased to offer the American Political Science Association Congressional Fellowship. Applications for closed on March 1st.

APSA Congressional Fellowship

Program: work on Capitol Hill with Congressional staff to gain an understanding of the US legislative process.

Duration: 9 months starting November 2015.

Open to: political scientists, journalists, federal executives or international scholars.

Funds: up to US$40,000.

APSA Fellow will receive funds of up to US$40,000 via a monthly stipend, funds for program related international travel, book purchases and program field trips.


  • Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident of Australia.
  • Exceptional writing and speaking skills.
  • Three years work experience.
  • Potential candidates include: political journalists, early-to-mid-career academics, and experts from the fields of foreign policy, economics, migration, environment, science, and social issues.
  • The Fellow will be chosen based on a commitment to US-Australian relations, quality of their written and oral presentation, professional excellence, and current and future involvement in the public policy process in Australia.

Application Information:

  • Detailed resume and cover letter.
  • 3 professional letters of recommendation with full contact details.
  • Writing sample (one published or unpublished manuscript).
  • Personal essay addressing the significance of the Congressional Fellowship program for your future career and professional goals.
  • Applications closed on March 1st.
  • For further application information, please visit our APSA Congressional Fellowship page.

For questions regarding your application and for submission, please contact Jhelum Bagchi at  jhelum.bagchi@aaanyc.org.